Overview of Christmas Holidays in Tbilisi

Overview of Christmas Holidays in Tbilisi. I am sitting in “my” apartment, as if from a movie, on Zurab Kvlividze Street. And I think that Georgia is

I am sitting in “my” apartment, as if from a movie, on Zurab Kvlividze Street. And I think that Georgia is good. Was good 8 years ago, and is good now. No platitudes - everyone knows that it is delicious here. Everywhere, almost. During the week we tried to visit as many places as possible.

Covid realities leave a certain imprint on travel, but neither the flight to Yerevan, nor the seven-hour road, nor the three mandatory PCR tests stopped us. By the way, for the sake of this trip, I even overcame my fear of airplanes - the first flight in my life went much better than expected.

We drove into the city and saw the lights of the TV tower. It didn't take long for me to believe that we were here. Recently, getting to Tiflis seemed something impossible, inaccessible; and here you are driving along Ketevan Tsamebuli, and outside the windows everything is so real, and at the same time imaginary.

At 10 pm we checked into an apartment in Sololaki, then immediately ran to Lolita to drink mulled wine and eat delicious food! While standing in line, we suddenly realized that we felt too ordinary. There were so many bright people around - they seemed to have stepped out of the pictures of glossy magazines.


The air smelled of freedom.

The next week was incredible. Below are the top establishments, shops and places that, in my opinion, are worthy of attention.

The most delicious coffee we've had in town. It works from 9:00 - very atypical for late Tbilisi. Here you will find excellent pastries and desserts.

The abode of style and beauty, there is almost everything here: vases, books, clothes, accessories, dishes and much more. The price tag matches — for example, book prices start at ~50 ₾ (~$16).


A network of local cafes of Georgian cuisine. Award "delicious khinkali and eggplant with satsivi". There was a long wait, but it was worth it!

The name of the place is translated into Russian as "daily bread", which is fully consistent with the concept - bread is baked here. A lot of bread. Lots of bread. Cafe with delicious breakfasts, good coffee and pleasant service! If you live on the left bank, be sure to check it out. My favorite is kikliko with Racha ham and cheese.

Quite a small cafe, lost in one of the old houses of Sololaki. The first days, although "Chaduna" was right under the windows, we bypassed it, and in vain! Here, reasonable prices, intimate atmosphere, a large selection of wines and unusual bruschettas. I advise you to take with an apple and ham. This is fly!

Clay workshop with creative vases, cups, candlesticks and more. Of course, we could not leave here without a couple of nice purchases.

Boutique of vintage tableware and antiques (Khidi street, transition from the dry bridge to George Leonidze park, the very first on the left side)

The boutique is owned by a lovely elderly Georgian couple. Almost for nothing you can take interesting porcelain pairs and household items. My catch is an English tea pair Johnson Bro.


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