How is it to learn to be afraid?

How is it to learn to be afraid? To stop being afraid ... for that you have to be dead. Is this what you really want?

From a cafe that smells of buns overlooking the weeping alleys of Stuttgart

To stop being afraid ... for that you have to be dead. Is this what you really want?

So you need not stop, but learn to be afraid.

Yesterday I talked to people before and after the performance in Frankfurt, now 3 days in Stuttgart. How are people in Frankfurt different from people in Stuttgart? Nothing, as well as from people in Moscow, Kiev and Astana. Everyone wants to be successful, but under special conditions - doing what they are not afraid to do. That is, doing what ...? What they are already doing.

Sometimes it seems to me that the world is densely populated with morons who have perfectly mastered the skill of how to appear smart.

You cannot get new results by doing old things. This means that I have to start doing new, useful things that you have not done before. What useful things have you not done before? The ones you were afraid of.

You need to learn to be afraid.

How is it to learn to be afraid?
Simple - do and be afraid, do and be afraid.

Do not stop being afraid, but do and be afraid, do and be afraid. It is necessary to rewrite the old, overestimated requirements for life with new ones that are realistic.

Excessive requirements for life
A person wants to change his results and finally decides to do something that makes him afraid: "Oh, the fear has gone! Oh, it does not pass. Oooh, he continues to act ... Father ... I want to get rid of Fear, what are you doing? Don't! That's it, damn it, I can't do it, fear doesn't go away! "

Bold point. Tomorrow he will do the same things again. And all because he does not know how to be afraid.

Realistic life requirements
The difference between a brave person and a cowardly one is small, both of them are afraid, only in different ways: the cowardly is afraid and does not do, but the brave one is afraid and does.

Learn to be afraid. Fear and do. Fear Longer and Do Longer. Repeat what you are afraid of. As soon as it gets scary, take two steps into fear and stop. Unbearable? Wait a minute. Ok, half a step back. Learn to be afraid. Play with fear.

This feeling will not go away while you are alive. Learn to live and be afraid. This is a skill that must be mastered if you want to live.

The art of giving advice
The man on his deathbed regrets not doing this or that. He's right, losing money or being rejected is nothing compared to what he compares to. He compares it to death. A healthy person hides from failure or rejection, because in his system of comparisons, a sofa is better than a failure.

The advice we receive and the advice we give is usually not accepted. The main reason is that they are "out of place for us now." Inappropriate? For us now? Why? They are given to us personally, from the side of greater experience and from the best intentions? Why are they not accepted? Giving advice is a subtle discipline of the art of persuasion (the art of brain sculpting, if you will, the section is leadership). Just giving advice to an unprepared head is like throwing a piece of frozen meat on a plate: "Gnaw, this is the same product as in a hamburger."


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